Monday 25 September

Pupil bulletin

Remember the pupil bulletin is on our school website and can be accessed by all pupils at any time.  Today’s bulletin is ordered with All pupil news first, then year group specific to help you find the info you need more quickly.

Pupils to the office

The following pupils should come to the office during form: Niamh Connell, Amy Wilson,  Emily Wilson, Aqib Baig, Olivia Leishman, Laura Broome, Demi Lee McGrorty

Central Parasport Festival – 25th Oct 2017 The Peak, Stirling

Wednesday 25th October 2017 from 9.30am – 2.45pm at The Peak, Stirling

This festival is for pupils within a mainstream school setting in the Central area, with a physical, visual or hearing disability.  The purpose of the event is to provide a multisport opportunity to these pupils.  See promotional video:

If you would like to attend give your name to Miss Allen by Friday 29th September.  If not sure see Miss Allen for more information to take home.

Diversity Group

The Diversity Group will now meet daily in room 222.

Jar Competition

The young enterprise team are collecting Jars, so if you have any please bring into your form class. House points are available for the class that collects the most.

Scottish Maths Challenge

Entries for this must be handed to Miss K Withey (Rm 109) or to your Maths Teacher  by Tuesday 26th latest in order to be sent off.

Singer/Songwriter Workshop

The first of two Singer/Songwriter workshops will take place after school on Tuesday 26th September in the Music Department from 3.45pm – 4.30pm. Feel free to come along, if you are interested.

European Day of Languages

The Modern Languages department will be celebrating European Day of Languages on Thursday 28th September. All S1 pupils are invited to come along to the department at lunchtime on Thursday to take part in a whole host of fun activities including a photo booth and a Bushtucker Trial!

Every day leading up to Thursday, there will also be a fun language fact in the bulletin.

Today it is…Rice Krispies in the UK go ‘snap, crackle, and pop.’ But in Germany, they go ‘Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!’ In France, they go ‘Cric! Crac! Croc!’ and in Spain, they go ‘Cris! Cras! Cros!’

S3 Football

Could all S3 football players attend a short meeting in room 21 at break today, Monday 25th September, to discuss next Thursday’s Cup game away to Coltness.

Bronze DofE (S4)

Congratulations to:

Ellie Baxter, Fraser Craig, Anna Cummins, Zac McKenna,Christopher O’May, Hope Wandless

For completing all parts of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

For those who have not yet entered all of their evidence, uploaded their assessor reports or typed in their expedition aims there will be an opportunity to do this on Tuesday 26th Sep in room 47.

Look out for further announcements about the Presentation Evening.

S5/6 Berlin Trip

Could all pupils going on this excursion please attend a short meeting in room 121 at break today (Mon).  Any pupil who is interested in going on this trip but has not yet signed up please come along too.

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