Friday 19th January

Pupil safety

All pupils are asked to take care when crossing the roads near the school, particularly during icy weather or dark days. Pupils are reminded to cross roads at the appropriate pedestrian crossings. Please remember to be respectful to members of the public on your journey to and from school including lunch times.

Pupils are reminded that in the event of snowy or icy conditions that the throwing of snowballs is not allowed within the school grounds. Any throwing of snowballs at traffic would be considered a police matter.

Mr Cassidy

Madrid Trip

All pupils attending the above excursion must meet in the Dance Studio at break MONDAY. It is vital all attend.


Learn mindfulness and benefit from some of the following:
stress reduction, better problem solving and decision making, reduced inner criticism, more focus, better sleep, reduced anxiety, better health, more creativity and slower aging.

Mr Downie (pupil support) is looking for 10 pupils (from all year groups) who would like to complete a 10 week mindfulness programme. The programme itself should take about 2 to 5 minutes a day for 10 weeks so it will not be time-consuming. You will need access to a computer or mobile phone (with internet access) to be able to take part. If you are interested then contact either Mr Downie or inform your tutor teacher who will e-mail me with your name. The deadline for applying is January 19th.

Friday night football

Senior prelims

Good luck to all seniors who are currently sitting their prelims.  A copy of the timetable issued before Christmas is here.

Can all pupils please remember that prelims do not only take place in the assembly hall, but in classrooms throughout the school.  Please continue to walk from class to class in a quiet and orderly fashion.