7T9A1879Welcome to Stirling High School’s website.  Stirling High School is reputed to be the 3rd oldest in Scotland, with a rich heritage and can trace its origins to the 12th century.

Our motto is Tempori Parendum – be prepared for your time.  The school community is committed to preparing our young people for life today and for the future through a wide range of experiences to develop knowledge, skills, attributes and values.

Our website provides an insight into the work of our school and updates on our young people’s achievements. You can follow our school on Twitter: @Stirling_High or like our Facebook page.

Our website aims to support the school community of pupils, parents, staff and partners to access information and enhance communication.

I hope you find the website informative. Our school handbook also contains additional information.

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A number of staff are leaving us at the end of this school year.

Mrs Thomson, Principal Teacher of Creative, leaves us as does Mrs Candlish, Principal Teacher of Citizenship Faculty. Mrs Mansell, Teacher of English, is also leaving us. Mrs Glover, Teacher of Modern Languages has left us to become Principal Teacher of Modern Languages at Paisley Grammar. We would like to thank these members of staff for the many years of service they have given to our school community.

Mrs Abernethy has been appointed as Principal Teacher of Health and Well-Being for Stirling Council.

We are also saying au revoir to our probationer teachers from this year: Mr Choudhary, Miss Docherty, Miss Faassen, Miss Haston, Miss Kirkwood, Miss Speedie and Mr Sneddon. Good luck and thank you to you all.


Welcome to…

Mr Fowler joins us as our new Principal Teacher of our Creative Faculty in August.

Mr Downie our Principal Teacher of Numeracy has been appointed as our new additional Depute Head Teacher.

Mrs Devoy has been appointed as our Principal Teacher of Equity.

Mrs McCabe has been appointed as our ASN Support Base Teacher.

Miss Fraser will continue as a Teacher of English.

In the last week of term we plan to appoint a new Principal Teacher of Modern Languages and Confucius Hub, a new Principal Teacher of Social Subjects, a new acting Principal Teacher of Numeracy and a new acting Principal Teacher of PE and Extra-curricular.


Paul Cassidy