Berlin trip

From 12-14th of February a group of 29 senior pupils from Stirling High School flew to Berlin on a field trip run by the History Department to further extend our Higher and Advanced Higher pupils’ knowledge of Germany.

Our first visit was to the Jewish Museum where we learned more about the life of Jewish people in Germany prior to and under Nazi rule. The architecture of this museum has been designed so that every part is significant to the Jewish experience, making it a very thought provoking place to visit.

The next day we began with our first visit to the Wannsee Villa, where we were given a very informative tour around the building where German officers discussed the Final Solution to the “Jewish problem”. The group found it very hard to believe that such a horrific offence was committed in such a tranquil setting. After Wannsee we visited Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. We learned about the terrible conditions endured by inmates who were not only Jewish victims, but also other Nazi ‘undesirables’. Inmates in Sachsenhausen would not be killed at once, as in other camps such as Auschwitz, but were worked to death as slave labour. We also visited sites in Berlin such as the Brandenburg Gate and remnants of the Berlin Wall before going to the Bundestag, the German Parliament building. We also stopped at the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, which has 2, 711 concrete slabs which are reminiscent of headstones in Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery. We then went to the top of the Bundestag where we saw a panoramic view of a modern, thriving city.

Before returning home we made one last visit to the German Resistance Memorial Centre. Here we learned about individuals and organised groups who opposed the Nazi Regime within Germany.

Overall, this was a very memorable excursion which has not only enhanced our students’ learning, but also improved their understanding of modern German history and culture.

Business & Technologies Faculty News

Computing Science for girls

Four of our S3 girls, accompanied by Ms McAlpine, visited Heriot Watt University last week to help them celebrate 50 years of Computing Science.  The girls made friends with robots, controlled drones with their brainwaves and had a go at developing android apps.  There is a gender imbalance in Computing Science and we are working hard to address it.

Raspberry Pi club

Our Raspberry Pi club continues to grow.  Pupils are currently learning to use our new kit and have entered a competition to see if they can use technology to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society.  Any parent or carer who would be able to support our expanding club would be very welcome.  No experience necessary!  The group meet on a Monday after school. Please contact Mr Hamilton at the school if you are able to help.

Tenner Competition

We are once again taking part in the Young Enterprise Tenner Competition.  Eight teams were each given £10 on Monday and have been challenged to make as much money as possible.  Each team has a staff mentor assisting them over the month.  Watch this space!

3D Printing

Pupils in our Design & Technology department will shortly be able to print their impressive designs with the arrival of our 3D printer.  We purchased this industry standard kit with profits from our successful Christmas Mug printing enterprise.

Cheerleading Competition

Stirling High School along with many other schools across Scotland took part in the Inter School Cheerleading Competition hosted at Denny High School last week. The ‘SHS CHEER TEAM’ showed great enthusiasm in their first competition and are looking forward to participating in future competitions.

School Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking Arrangements

Please note that school pupils should be dropped off at the rear of our school building and not at the front of the building.   This is for Health & Safety issues both for our school pupils and for the neighbouring primary school pupils too as this area can become very congested at peak times of the day.   Thank you for your co-operation with this.

S4 Full Reports

S4 Full Reports were sent home via school bag mail on Monday 27th February.  Parents/Guardians who do not receive their child’s report please contact the school office.

Dates for the Diary

Friday 3rd March – S5/6 Interim Reports issued via school bag mail

Tuesday 7th March – S5/6 Parents’ Evening

Friday 31st March – Last Day of Term

Tuesday 18th April – School Returns after Easter Holidays

Stirling High School news – Wednesday 1 March 2017

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