Dear Parents and Carers

As you are aware, our Prize-giving committee has been looking at ways to improve our Prize giving events. Our Junior and Senior Prize-giving events have a long history and tradition.  They provide us with further opportunities to celebrate the many successes of our young people.

We emailed all Parents and Carers in February asking for feedback on the Prize-giving committee’s proposals.  Our Parent Council also discussed and approved our proposals and the Prize-giving committee met with representatives from S5 and S6 who also overwhelmingly agreed with the proposals.  We also polled all S5 and S6 pupils: 89% of our senior pupils were in favour of our proposed changes.  As a result, the following has been agreed:

  • The Senior prize-giving ceremony will take place on Tuesday 5 September 2017
  • We will use SQA results to determine senior prize-giving attainment awards
  • Component marks from SQA results will be used to determine the awards for N5 – Advanced Higher Subjects, allowing us to recognise the commitment of our young people throughout the year as well as including their SQA coursework
  • The Junior prize-giving ceremony will take place on Tuesday 6 June 2017

A working group of young people is being formed to lead on improvements to the ceremonies themselves in order to make them more inclusive and to involve our young people more in the events.

At Stirling High School we believe that attainment and effort are of equal importance.  We strive to instil values of continual improvement through hard work, consistent effort and attainment at all times. We want to recognise excellence in attainment and excellence in effort through our prize-giving events.

We believe that these proposals will create improvements through use of SQA data and by emphasising effort and attainment. This enables our school year to begin with a celebration of achievement and to welcome back former S6 pupils before they begin their future careers or university and college courses.

The Prize-giving Committee, March 2017

Changes to Prize-giving
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