Visiting Artist

Artist Gemma Coyle ran a workshop with our senior pupils on Tuesday. Stirling High School was awarded this as a result of entering the Royal Scottish Academy Schools Award. Gemma is also the Artist in Residence at Holyrood House and teaches at Edinburgh College of Art. Our young people spent a morning creating origami sketchbooks and colourful artwork inspired by insects.

Exam Diet 2018

Study leave commences Monday 30 April 2018 to Friday 1 June 2018 inclusive.   All S4/5/6 pupils who are entitled to exam leave, are sitting exams or require to be in school at any time during exam leave MUST have full school uniform on at all times.  Pupils who are not sitting an exam and wish access to the school must sign in and sign out at the school office and be wearing FULL school uniform also.  Mobile phones are PROHIBITED in the exam room and must be put into your locker or left at home.  Please do not ask a member of school staff or invigilation staff to look after your phone during your exam.  THANK YOU. 

Annual Data Checks

S4/5/6 Annual Data Check forms were sent home via school bag mail on Wednesday 18th April, can parents and pupils please check that ALL the information on this form is accurate and up to date.  If there are any changes to pupils’ names, dates of birth and addresses please amend and hand into the school office asap as we are required to send all changes to SQA.

 S1/S2/S3 Timetable Change

All S1, S2 and S3 (new S2, S3 and S4) pupils will start their new timetables on Monday 28 May 2018.

 Dates for Diary

May Holiday – Monday 7 May 2018

S2 Blackpool Trip – Friday 11 May 2018

S1 Full Reports issued to pupils – Friday 18 May 2018

Activity Day for S1, S2 and S3 pupils – Friday 1 June 2018     


Stirling High School news – Wednesday 25 April 2018

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