Saturday 16th June from 10am to 2pm

We are having a Community Partnership Summer Food Festival.  This is a day for all the family and friends to come and enjoy an exciting range of food and to socialise.  Our Food Assembly producers will be there with our Community Café with pupils performing musical entertainment. We are also planning to have Stirling High School honey for sale and stalls run by families.

Pupils, families and friends can have a stall at our Summer Food Festival as can local food and drink businesses ranging from home-baking, savoury goodies, traditional Scottish fayre to foods from diverse ethnic backgrounds. If you would like a stall, the cost is £10 plus a small donation to our food inspired raffle. All profits are kept by the stall-holders and we will publicise your goods. Pupils can run stalls too.

If interested, please contact the school at:

We look forward to seeing you at the Food Assembly or at our Summer Food Festival.


Community Partnership Summer Food Fesitval

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