P7 Information Evening

Our annual P7 Information Evening takes place on Tuesday 30 October from 6.00pm till 8.30pm.   This is an opportunity for all current P7 pupils and their parents/carers to visit the school, meet some staff and have a look at classrooms.

  • 00-6.30pm Welcome and Presentations
  • 30-8.00pm – Guided tours of various subjects
  • 00-8.30pm – Opportunities to visit other subjects which may have been missed and tea/coffee will be available


S6 and Prefect photographs will be taken on the morning of Tuesday 13 November 2018.   Can parents/carers please ensure that ALL S6 pupils and S5/6 Prefects are in FULL school uniform. Thank you.

Remembrance Service

Our Remembrance Service takes place in the Assembly Hall on Friday 9th November.

Study Skills Evening

A study skills evening is being held on Tuesday 13 November 2018 from 7.00pm till 8.30pm for all S4, S5 and S6 pupils..

S4 Parents’ Evening

S4 Parents’ Evening is being held on Tuesday 20 November 2018.   Individual parental log in letters will issued nearer the time.

Poppies for Sale

Our Charities Committee will be going round form classes in the morning selling poppies to pupils in the lead up to our Remembrance Service on Friday 9 November.

Staff Development Days

The Staff Development Days this year are Thursday 29 November and Friday 30 November inclusive.   Pupils will return to school on Monday 3 December 2018 at 8.40am sharp.

Dates for the Diary

Monday 3rd December – Friday 14th December – S4 Prelims

Thursday 6th December – Senior Dance @ Albert Hall – evening

Monday 18th December – Christmas Concert at the Church of the Holy Rude – 7pm

Tuesday 19th December – S1/2 Christmas Dance – tbc

Wednesday 20th December – S3/4 Christmas Dance – tbc

Friday 21st December – End of Term (school closes at 1.10pm)

Monday 7th January – Staff and Pupils return – 8.40am

Wednesday 9th January – Tuesday 22nd January – S5/6 prelims

Friday 1st February – S3 girls & boys Dip/Tet/Polio/MenCWY immunisations + catchups

Friday 1st March – S1&S2 girls HPV + catchups for both HPV & MMR immunisations

Stirling High School news – Wednesday 24 October 2018

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