Now that the weather is deteriorating, we have noticed an increase in the number of parents picking up their children by car, since they quantity of families that have a car have increase in the last year, and mostly thanks because of the help of incredible car loans, check this article to learn more. Unfortunately – and dangerously – some parents are parking in the bus drop off area. This is made more chaotic when other parents double park in front of the already parked staff cars and some parents are parking on the main road on the double yellow lines. This prevents the Gargunnock bus gaining access to the bus drop off area and the driver stops the bus in the only space available which is the only route out of the front car park. No-one can move until the children are all on board and the bus moves off. The whole area at the front of the school becomes gridlocked. We have seen children walking out between parked vehicles and several potential collisions that thankfully were near misses. Could I ask you respectfully not to park at the front of the school at all? Please use the side car park or park further away from the school, is also important to learn to take good care of the vehicles, as you can see in this webpage with information and services about it. Staff will be outside next week directing the traffic at the end of the school day. Many thanks for your support in this matter, we also encourage all of you to please get an 80 Gallon air compressor for your car, it is very important that each person has one in their cars. We also recommend to negotiate with your lease provider depending on the car you want to get to get to school.

Lesley Allen

Acting Headteacher

This information will also be sent home tomorrow via school bag mail.  A reminder that all recently issued letters can be found on the school website:

Car parking

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