The 2016 Scottish Parliament election is the first in which 16 and 17 year olds can vote.

This means that if you’re 16 or over on 5 May 2016, you’ll be able to vote but you need to register first. It only takes a few minutes to register online.

On Thursday 17 March we will be helping 15-17 year olds get #ReadyToVote by running a registration event at Stirling High School.

You can register if you will be 16 before 1 December 2017, but you cannot vote at Scottish elections until you are 16.

You’ll need your date of birth and National Insurance number to register (you only need your National Insurance number if you are 16 or over), which you can find on official documents such as letters from HM Revenue and Customs. Otherwise, for help you can visit: Don’t worry – if you are not yet 16 you won’t need your National Insurance number to register.

You will need to phone 0300 200 3502 now if you do not know your NI number as they will post it out to you.  They will not confirm it on the phone and they will only speak to you – not to your parents or anyone else.

Get #ReadyToVote

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