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Please take some time to view this incredible work, created by our talented pupils.

The Titan- An outstanding mixed media piece by Ka Lon Shek, Higher.
The Titan-  Ka Lon Shek, Higher.Excellent work by Hannah Forthingham, National 5.
Excellent painting by Shannon McCaskell, National 5.
Shannon McCaskell, National 5.
Katie McAllister- National 5
Katie McAllister- National 5
Mairead McDonald- Mother.
Mairead McDonald- Mother.
Charlie Langley- Me
Charlie Langley- Me

Junk Kouture 2016

We recently held a very successful Junk Kouture show.

Junk Kouture hit the catwalk in Stirling High School on Wednesday 7th December and showcased an array of imaginative outfits in front of a packed and enthusiastic audience of family members, pupils and friends.

Junk Kouture is a national competition which is open to all secondary school pupils in Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.Rather than focussing on expensive and unattainable materials, Junk Couture sets young designers a different and unique challenge- to look at the everyday and unwanted items that are set to be thrown out to landfill or recycled, and to use them to create a designer outfit. This involves viewing objects and materials such as plastic bottles, cans, CDs, magazines, textbooks and plastic bags in a new light and using them in ways that are often unrecognisable from their origins. The only boundaries for young designers are the limits of their own imaginations.

This was Stirling High School’s first year in the competition and the pupils involved had spent several months of hard work in small groups after school and at lunch time, working to achieve their finished outfits from initial sketches and a mountain of ‘junk’.

Both junior and senior pupils took part in the design competition, but the whole school community threw itself into helping make the event an unforgettable experience for the young designers and their audience. Stirling High school’s talented dance group and musicians entertained throughout the evening and helped to create a fantastic atmosphere in the hall.Former Head Boy Rhys McKenna, who himself is now a rising star in international menswear fashion after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, was delighted to be back in his old school to support the Junk Kouture event and it brought back memories for him of his developing interest in fashion.Other judges included Barbara Thomson Head of Creative at Stirling High School, Paul Cassidy Head Teacher at Stirling High School and Sarah Anderson, Stirling Council’s Service Manager for Skills and Youth Employment Schools, Learning and Education Children, Communities & Enterprise and Stirling High School’s Education Officer.

Every participant in the competition was awarded a certificate in recognition of their commitment and achievement, but there could only be one winner. Tension mounted as the judges returned to their seats after making their difficult decision and the models assembled on stage for the final line up. To deafening applause, the winning team was announced as Ellie Baxter, Kathryn McKrell and Anna Morris. Their winning Junk Kouture creation was inspired by Effie from The Hunger Games and was fashioned from old history textbooks into 3D flowers, spray painted and arranged in a flowing dress. Who knows, maybe this group of young designers will make history themselves in their future careers!

When asked, all of the pupils said they would love to take part in the competition next year. Most of them are already planning careers in the creative arts including costume design, art therapy, art studies, hairdressing, drama and architecture.

All entries from the Stirling High school event will now be submitted to the national Junk Kouture Competition and we all hope to see these fantastic creations make the shortlist and go forward to a live catwalk involving just 80 designs in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on 9 January 2017.The judges will be Katie Brill, Rhys Ellis, Una Healy and Louis Walsh.

Congratulations to Stirling High School’s winning team – everyone is looking forward now to the finals of Junk Kouture in Glasgow.

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