Mr M Brown

Mrs L Durno

Mr R Thomson

Mr G Walker

Miss N Docherty (Prob)


S1: Science

S2: Biology

In S2 pupils complete rotas in Science.

Unit 1: DNA & Inheritance

Unit 2: Reproduction

S3: Biology

S4: National 4/National 5

S5-S6: Higher Biology/Advanced Higher


Supported study is available every lunch time as a drop in session and on Monday after school from 3:40-4:40pm.

Themes for Term 3:

Week Beginning Theme
National 5 Higher Higher Human Skill
20th Feb Nitrogen Cycle DNA (Replication + PCR) DNA (Replication + PCR) Drawing graphs
27th Feb DNA, Genetic Engineering & Protein Synthesis Transcription + Translation Transcription + Translation Calculations
6th March Evolution Speciation Reproductive Physiology Interpreting Data
13th March Photosynthesis Adaptations to the environment Cardiac Cycle Command Words – What do they mean?
20th March Respiration Respiration Respiration Exam Style Questions
27th March Experimental Design