Glow is not currently working.  Homework for w/b 4 December can be found here:

N5 Business (Mr Hamilton’s class) – due Tuesday

N5 Business (Ms Campbell’s class) – due Tuesday

N5 BM Management of Finance notes

Mr Keeley’s H BM class: Describe the costs & benefits of maintaining a product portfolio (4 marks) – due Tuesday

Higher Business Management Notes


In S1 and S2 learners study Business for one period per week.

In S3 learners can chose to study Business or Admin & IT for 3 periods a week.

In S4 learners can choose to study N4 Business or N5 Business Management, Admin & IT or Accounting for 4 periods per week.

In S5 and S6 learners can choose N5 Retailing, Higher Accounting, Higher Business Management, Higher Administration & IT or Advanced Higher Business Management.


Mr A Hamilton (PT Business and Technologies)

Ms N Campbell

Mr P Keeley