The English department staff are Mr. Crosbie (PT), Mrs. Wilson (PTPS), Mrs. Cuthbertson, Miss McConnell, Miss McSweeney, Mrs. McNicholl, Mr. Saleh and Mrs. Corbett.


In S1-S3, the courses are organised around 7 core tasks: Functional Writing, Creative Writing, Personal Writing, Critical Evaluation, Listening, Talking and Close Reading.  Pupils tackle each of these tasks at least once per year, which helps them track their developing skills through their first three years at Stirling High School.

All pupils also spend at least one period a week working on First News:  A range of resources are used in class to encourage pupils to engage in non-fiction reading based on current world events.  This is enhanced by an online iHub element which pupils access on their Chromebooks.


In S4, pupils work on National 4 or National 5 courses.

In S5/6, pupils work on Literacy, National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher courses.

Depending on uptake, the department also offer a course in Media Studies for S5/6 pupils.

National 5 and Higher pupils can get advice on how to prepare for their exams by clicking here.


Follow the department’s Twitter account (@shs_eng) for up-to-date information and links to useful revision resources.