In S1 and S2 learners study Maths for five periods per week.  They will work on developing the number sense required for National Qualifications as well as working towards level 3 and level 4 outcomes of the Broad General Education (BGE).  Learners are also introduced to problem solving strategies and work in groups towards solving challenging tasks together.

As well as working towards some level 4 and level 5 outcomes of the BGE pupils are beginning to look towards the National Qualifications they will do in S4.

In S4 learners are working towards National 4 or National 5 Mathematics.

In S5 and S6 learners can choose National 5 Numeracy, National 5 Mathematics or Higher Mathematics.  In S6 pupils work towards Advanced Higher Mathematics.


Mr P Downie (Head of Faculty)

Mr A Cameron

Mr A Choudhary

Mr S Johnson

Mr C McIlwaine

Mr S McWattie

Mrs K Pinas

Miss F Withey

Miss K Withey