Welcome to the Modern Languages Department!

At present we offer four languages:


In an increasingly multicultural world, a Modern Language Qualification is highly valued and respected by universities and employers. The study of a language contributes to the development of cultural awareness, as it enables learners to make connections with different people and their culture and to play a fuller part as global citizens.

In Stirling High School, the Modern languages department is committed to providing pupils with a positive language learning experience and enhance their ability to communicate by developing their skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking.

In S1 and S2 pupils study French with a 10 week Mandarin block in S1 and  German and Spanish taster course in S2. At the end of S2 pupils are then given the opportunity to either chose one language or continue with the study of  a combination of languages.

Whilst exploring and learning about the life and culture of various foreign countries, students will engage in familiar contexts, such as learning, society,  employability, and culture.

In order to enhance their language skills and foster their cultural awareness, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular trips, such as a discovery trip to Barcelona, Berlin, Heriot Watt multilingual debate, food tasting trips to local restaurants or trips to the cinema.

Pupils can continue with languages into S4/5/6 where we offer courses in French, German and Spanish from N3 up to Advanced Higher.

We currently offer Mandarin as an option in S5/6 where pupils can study for the HSK 1 and 2 exam.

Mr K McAdam – Principal Teacher
Ms A Lochhead
Ms E Falconer
Ms O Reuille
Mrs L Niu