EMA Application forms and guidelines can be collected from the school office for pupils who are 16 or over.  EMA is an allowance of £30 per week payable to eligible pupils who stay in full-time education at school after their 16th birthday.  This must be applied for each year. Pupils who do receive this allowance must satisfy all attendance requirements eg no unauthorised absences, no more than 1 late per week etc.  Pupils who are successful in gaining this allowance must make sure their attendance is always up to date.  Payments are made fortnightly directly into pupils’ bank accounts.  NO payments are made for holidays.  Pupils MUST attend ALL their timetabled classes, including Registration classes, to ensure they receive all their payments.  Please note that pupils are only allowed 5 full days of authorised self-certification during the academic year, and any other periods of sickness MUST be covered by a medical certificate or a copy of a prescription to still qualify for payment.