Report by the Secretary on Research undertaken within the School Magazine Collection

On reviewing the SCHOOL ON THE ROCK, number 14, published in June 1938, I came across the following short article written by J W Munn, Hon Secretary, to the Editor regarding Membership.

Even from the outset of this particular rejuvenation of the Association, Members appeared to be difficult to find !

“Sir, – The committee of the above club wish to remind all pupils who are leaving school this year that they have automatically become eligible for membership. The club, which has only just been formed, will rely to a great extent upon the support of the present members of Classes V and VI for the success of its programme next year.

It will primarily continue the functions, among former pupils of the school, of the school’s Debating Society; it will necessarily form a link between past and present members of the Debating Society and between past and present members of the school. By the terms of the constitution, one meeting at least in the year will be of a social nature, but if it were the wish of the society, the number of such meetings might be slightly increased.

The committee would like to express the appreciation of all members of the Club for the co-operation shown by Mr J Coutts Morrison and the Rector. It is to their goodwill that we owe the use of Room 25, hallowed by so many memories, which has been promised us for the forthcoming year.

The committee feel that such a society will fill the regrettable gap which exists between those who have left the school and its present members, both pupils and staff. It is hoped that those who will have the opportunity of joining the Club will show themselves appreciative of an advantage which has hitherto been denied former pupils of the School.”

As we debate the issue of support for the Association’s continuing existence, it is interesting to read that even in earlier pre-war days, support was being sought using similar memory stirring descriptions which we make use of today.