S2 Course choice is currently live.  S2 learners will choose 8 courses including: Mathematics, English, a language and a breadth of personalisation and choice from within the Broad General Education.  It is expected that they will continue to study 7 of these subjects at national level in S4.

In total, all S4 learners will study 7 National qualifications (Maths, English plus 5 additional choices, plus core RME, PSE and PE).

Pupils should talk to subject teachers, their pupil support teacher, older siblings and parents/carers.

S2 into S3 Course Choice Information Booklet January 2018

View the current S2 into S3 Course Choice information booklet here.

S2 into S3 Course Choice Information Evening Presentation January 2018

Download (PDF, 895KB)

PlanIT Guide to Making subject Choices for S3 and beyond

Download (PDF, 248KB)