SHS logoYoung people, staff, parents and partners were asked to review the school’s values, aims and vision. Our School Improvement Group developed the feedback from parent, young people, teaching staff and support staff surveys to create our school’s values, aims and vision.

Stirling High School Vision and Aims

Stirling High School is a community where we are committed to doing our best. We REACH out to support everyone through developing:

 Resilience – We strive to instil confidence and determination in all members of our school

Ethos – We strive to develop respect understanding and acceptance of everyone

Achievement – We strive to enable all of our learners to achieve their best

Community – We strive to prepare our pupils to contribute as local and global citizens

Health – We strive to inspire healthy, happy, creative and aspirational young people.

Through developing resilience, ethos, achievement, community and health, the school aims create the support and environment for our young people to be the best that they can be.