nominatenowOutstanding Achievement certificates, Junior Colours ties, Half Colours ties and Full Colours ties are awarded to pupils in recognition of excellent performance or commitment in a school-related extra-curricular activity.

Nominations are currently open and will close on Sunday 15 April 2018.  Please read the descriptions below carefully.

IMG_0319Outstanding Achievement for pupils in S1 – S6

Awarded to pupils for either a strong commitment to an activity within school for a minimum of 1½ years or for receiving an award at national level where the pupil has not represented the school.

Example: Taking part in all enterprise activities on offer for 2 years, reaching the finals in a national 10 pin bowling competition when not representing the school.

The recipient receives a Colours blazer pin and a certificate.

Junior Colours for Pupils in S1 & S27T9A3827

Awarded for receiving an award at National level or above where the pupil has represented the school.

Example: placed in top three in a Scottish schools event, representing the school at National level.

The recipient receives a Junior Colours tie.

Half Colours for pupils in S3 – S67T9A3791

This award is primarily to recognise commitment.  It is awarded for a strong commitment for a minimum of 2 ½ years to the activity in school and performance of a consistently high standard.

Example: Pupils who have continually performed to a high standard over a minimum of 2 ½ years in the School Orchestra, Boys Football Team, helped with the Eco Club, participated fully in Enterprise.

The recipient receives a Half Colours tie.

Full Colours for pupils in S3 – S67T9A3801

This award is primarily to reward achievement.  It is awarded for a consistently high standard of performance and representation at national level or above.

Example: Pupils who have performed well at national level representing Stirling High School and showing a dedication to their sport/activity for a prolonged period of time e.g. a pupil who has worked for 4 years with the Eco Club and was invited to present at a National Conference.

The recipient receives a Full Colours tie.