The months between January and March are crucial for students who are considering their options and choosing the subjects which will ultimately have an impact on what they could go on to study at college or university and what careers could be open to them in their futures.

We hold Parent Information Evenings for Parents/Carers of current S2 and S4 pupils before they begin to make their choices:

 S2intoS3  S4intoS5
S2 into S3 S4 into S5

Further Post School Opportunities can be found here

My World of Work’s Subject Choices campaign highlights the help and support available to young people to access to up-to-date, accurate and helpful information about subject choices at school.

The key messages of this campaign are:

  • the My Strengths tool can help you find out what you’re best at – and make some suggestions of subjects which might suit you
  • it’s a good idea to think about what subjects are useful for different jobs – take a look at Careers A-Z to give you more ideas
  • visit to find out more.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland have issued some very handy ‘Nationals in a Nutshell‘ reference sheets for all subjects (N1 – N5).  They have also produced ‘Highers in a Nutshell‘ reference guides.  In addition, we have provided our own course choice information booklets for pupils: